URBIE Social Space

URBIE Social Space @Thammasat University is a collaborative project between Nokhook Group and Learning Innovator Hub, by the faculty of Learning Science and Education at Thammasat university, to promote the concept of social innovation and sustainability to university students. Apart from being an event / workshop space which encourages and support the learning for university student, URBIE Social Space is also a sustainable cafe which showcases how sustainability and business can go together. Our ingredients are sourced directly from communities, when possible, with fair prices.  We also commit to reduce the amount of plastic waste from our operation by replacing plastic with other materials when possible.

URBIE Social Space is a café + learning space with a relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere that you can spend your whole day as you like while enjoy our quality organic coffee along with a wide range of foods and snacks. Every cup of our coffee is crafted with organic coffee beans with distinct taste and flavors to ensure the delivery of fulfilling experience to our customers.

Location: Learning Science and Education Faculty at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus)

Opening hours: 7.00 – 19.00, everyday