Our Story

Nokhook Group

Nokhook Group Co., Ltd. is a bridge that connects sustainable producers and responsible consumers together. We believe that, on one end, there are consumers who care about the traceability of their food and seek for foods that are from sustainable sources. On the other end, we know that there are producers that grow with care and love for the environment and for the health of consumers. We bridge these two groups together, following fair trade principle. For a better health and for a better society for everyone.

The producers or organizations that we work with also hold the same belief as us, that is sustainable agriculture or organic farming can create a better livelihood for both farmers and consumers. We believe that sustainable agriculture or organic farming is also good for the environment since it helps lower chemical residues from fertilizers and pesticides in the environment, which will in turn helps preserve biodiversity in the nature as well as the environment as a whole for the communities.

Social Mission

We support and encourage Thai farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practice or organic farming in order to bring about a better health for both farmers and consumers.


Although agriculture is one of the main pillars of the Thai economy, Thai farmers live in poverty. Conventional chemical farming is expensive and hazardous to farmers, and contributes to soil degradation. These are problems that Thai farmers have faced for decades, and they will continue to struggle until they are able to shift away from their current practices.

However, the situation is not all doom and gloom. Many farmers are shifting toward “sustainable agriculture.” Sustainable agriculture refers to growing practices that exclude synthetic chemicals and account for both environmental and local economic concerns. Unfortunately, many farmers who want to practice sustainable agriculture struggle to find access to a ready marketplace. This is not because of a lack of demand, but rather a lack of mechanisms to bring producers and consumers together.

How we tackle the challenge!

Nokhook Group hopes to foster a marketplace for small, sustainable growers by providing sales and marketing solutions, thereby bridging the gap between sellers and buyers.

Organic standard and certifications

Because of the high cost of certification, most of our growers have yet to become officially certified. However, our farmers monitor and evaluate each other to ensure that they are maintaining sustainable practices. Moreover, with the help of other local development organizations we can further ensure the of maintenance of sustainable growing standards.